Understanding Autism

typically (not always) the symptoms of autism are not noticeable. Many parents are left wondering if there is a noticeable difference between their child and someone else, who has not had an autism diagnosis. The truth is that while most people diagnosed with autism may not have ‘specific’ symptoms, they may have problems in socializing and communication before the age of seven, and autism symptoms often become apparent or appear over time.

This does not mean that autism is a black and white condition. As different people with different experiences develop autistic symptoms, and as the condition itself grows more widely known, we will be able to better understand this person.

Generally speaking, autism is a condition that is recognized by the absence of previously developed social behaviors, and the inability to socialize with children or with other people of the opposite sex. The exact cause of autism is not known, but genetic, biological, and genetic monies can not be ruled out as potential causes. It has been suggested that autism may be caused by a malfunction in one’s nervous system, but also by no fault of the child’s own.

Many parents see their child or children display symptoms of autism that grow out of socializing with other children. These include difficulty with social etiquette, talking to and forming lasting friendships with the opposite sex, drawing the line when crossing to the other side of the divide, and a tendency to be easily distracted by extraneous stimuli. While some of these traits may be viewed as a phase of growing up, they are not something to be taken lightly. Sadly, nearly half of all children with autism go undetected.

While some people or families may take their child or children to be moody, display impulsive behavior, or are somehow less than impathetic, many parents know that their child these things. Children with autism have all of these traits and more, and because parents cannot see them, they often do not recognize this. The result is many parents trying to work with and comfort their families rather than helping their child.

Often the best option is to get an autism test done by a trained practitioner. This way you can either have peace of mind, or else you can identify your child early on. With early diagnosis, there is a better chance that something can be done to help your child. Things are a bit more difficult when it comes to medication or medications, but it is possible to manage in some cases.

Important Things to Remember:

By definition, someone with autism has the inability to socialize with children and others of their age.

Never, ever, ever reacts or shows visible emotion

Can’t fight back when fight is inevitable including when told to by peers

In school, they must be in constant motion from different interactions

Speaks in a tongue that is barely understood by the rest of the community

The outside world shows an inability to understand this person because of the above listed symptoms

It is up to the parents and those around them to be able to understand and explain autism to visitors

The diagnosis of autism is different for each person

Autism does not affect all people in the same way.