IEP Consultation

I am pleased to offer this consultation for families who are unsure if they need the services of an advocate, or simply need some advice and guidance regarding their child’s IEP.

Parents provide me with copies of relevant documentation (which may include school evaluations and reports, independently obtained evaluations and reports, current and/or previous IEP documents, report cards, letters from the school concerning the child, etc.) I will review all of the documents, noting any areas of concern such as procedural errors, contradictions, concerns with goals and objectives, the possible need for additional evaluations or services, and more. I will then meet with parent(s)/family to provide them with feedback and guidance for taking the next steps in advocating for their own child. Each family is provided with an outline of recommendations and a list of resources. Through this consultation families will be able to answer the following questions:

  • Does my child’s IEP address all areas of need related to their disability?
  • Does my child require further testing & if so, in what areas?
  • Are my child’s current goals and objectives appropriate, specific and measurable?
  • Is it time to bring in an advocate?

Please contact me today to learn more about this service and to schedule an appointment. or 508-625-2209 ext 1.

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