How to Determine Your Child With Autism

Children with autism are difficult to identify at birth. Most professionals agree that they are difficult to diagnose until the child is in the upper 2 thirds of school (3rd grade), when children with learning disabilities start showing up in schools. People with autism don’t just learn differently, they often respond differently to information, and […]

Can Autism Be Cured?

Can autism be prevented? This is the question many parents ask when their child is diagnosed with autism. The autism virus is normally passed from child to child but if there is a lapse in the vaccination schedule of a particular child, then that could potentially cause autism to be contagious. However, although this may […]

The Transcript of the uneven “Inspection Deep and Close”

Introduction “Inspection Deep and Close” is the title of a chapter in Britannica, a collection of books with a viewpoint on art, architecture and literature. It is the fourth chapter, and begins: INTRODUCTION … to be concerned, as no doubt will be felt throughout the country, with the condition of the public schools, with the […]

Understanding Autism

typically (not always) the symptoms of autism are not noticeable. Many parents are left wondering if there is a noticeable difference between their child and someone else, who has not had an autism diagnosis. The truth is that while most people diagnosed with autism may not have ‘specific’ symptoms, they may have problems in socializing […]

5 Things You Should Know About ADD

This is a difficult question to answer because so many aspects of a child’s life contribute to their autism. Parenting, give them a break! Because of the confusion autism is often misdiagnosed with ADD or ADHD, some accommodations (ie: special rules for a student) need to be made for a student to learn effectively. Every […]