Below is a list of some of the services I provide. Each child, each family, each situation is unique. I adjust my services according to your specific needs in order to meet your goals.

  • Full record review: all records pertaining to your child’s education. This typically includes past and present IEP’s, 504 plans, evaluations, progress reports, report cards, data sheets, programs, parent/teacher/school communications, etc.
  • Suggest possible educational and/or clinical areas to investigate based on the unique needs of your child;
  • Provide a written review of the current IEP with recommended changes as needed
  • Draft IEP meeting documents; e.g. agenda’s, parent concerns statement, vision statements, summaries, etc.
  • Communicate via meetings, email and/or phone with parents, school staff, outside agency providers, evaluators, consultants, BSEA staff, and attorneys
  • Attend Team meetings, parent/staff clinics, parent/teacher conferences, parent/home programming staff
  • Review IEP’s, 504’s, and amendments post meeting and write up responses when needed
  • Monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the IEP
  • Observe student in his/her educational setting when needed
  • Schedule, prepare and attend mediations
  • Identify and/or visit placement options
  • Attend and present outside evaluations to the Team

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