Need Help?




Overwhelmed by “SPED-speak” at Team meetings?  Feeling outnumbered?  Confused by your child’s IEP & worried that it may not address all areas of needs? Concerned that you might not “know enough” to be able to effectively help your child?  We can help!

ASA advocates are accepting new clients for Spring 2015: call us to discuss your concerns today.

  • An advocate is someone who helps a parent or family to understand the special education process.
  • Advocates can provide information about special education options and requirements, and can help you to seek a specific service or program for your child.
  • An advocate can help you carefully read your child’s school records, testing information, and Individualized Education Program (IEP).
  • An advocate can attend Team meetings with you.
  • A skillful advocate who knows local schools and resources can often see solutions not immediately obvious to other people.
  • An advocate, most importantly, can help you to become a better advocate for your own child!!