Stephanie LeBlanc, Director

Stephanie founded Autism Spectrum Advocacy in 2006 with the charge of providing specialized education advocacy for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. As a parent of an adult son with Autism, Stephanie learned early about the importance of working with professionals who specialize in her son’s disability. It is with this understanding and experience she began her professional career focusing exclusively to supporting these unique children.

Stephanie has extensive knowledge on the services and placements available to children with ASD. She has been trained in applied behavior analysis, social skills curriculums, supports for students with executive functioning deficits, anti-bullying programs as well as the federal and state mandates pertaining to special education. In addition, Stephanie consults with a vast network of proven professionals including physicians, evaluators, behavioral analysts, therapy providers, and educational consultants.

Since opening her business, Stephanie has worked in over 50 local school districts successfully supporting hundreds of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. While maintaining a collaborative working relationship with school districts she has helped many families improve their own advocacy skills, make sound educational decisions and work to place their children in both public and private school placements.

Stephanie’s formal advocacy training began in 2005 with The Federation Of Children with Special Needs. In 2008 she participated in The SEAT (Special Education Advocate Training) Program. SEAT was a joint initiative of The Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, Inc. (COPAA) and The Center for Disability Studies and Community Inclusion at the University of Southern California Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities. Stephanie was selected as one of 12 practicing advocates to receive this advanced, comprehensive training and practicum experience. After the completion of the classroom portion of SEAT, Stephanie met her practicum requirements through Kotin, Crabtree and Strong.

Stephanie was selected to attend the 2013 Institute of Special Education Advocacy Training at William & Mary Law School in Williamsburg, Virginia. The program included sessions on applicable laws, ethics, best practices in advocacy, strategies in working with parents and schools, and dispute resolution procedures, taught by national leaders in the field.

From 2009 - 2013 Stephanie served as a Member of the Board of Directors for SPaN. An organization dedicated to assisting advocates, new and experienced, in furthering their education and skills. SPaN offers workshops, support and information to its members and is committed to improving the field of advocacy.

Stephanie has presented workshops to both parents and professionals and has authored articles covering various advocacy topics. She is a member of Special Needs Advocacy Network (SPaN).

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