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IEP Consultation Service

Autism Spectrum Advocacy is pleased to offer a service for families who are unsure if they need the services of an advocate, or at this time simply need some advice and guidance on their childís IEP.

Parents provide the advocate with copies of relevant documentation (which may include school evaluations and reports, independently obtained evaluations and reports, current and/or previous IEP documents, report cards, letters from the school concerning the child, etc.) An ASA advocate reviews all of the documents, noting any areas of concern such as procedural errors, contradictions, concerns with goals and objectives, possible need for additional evaluations or services, and more. The advocate will then meet with parent(s)/family to provide them with feedback and guidance for taking the next steps in advocating for their own child. Each family is provided with an outline of recommendations and a list of resources. Through this consultation families will learn:

  • Does their childís IEP address all areas of need related to their disability?
  • Does their child require further testing & if so, in what areas?
  • Are their childís current goals and objectives specific and measurable?
  • Are there concerns to be discussed with the child's IEP Team?
  • Is it time to bring in an advocate?

    Please contact us today to learn more about this service and to schedule an appointment.
    508-625-2209 ext 1.

Below is a list of some of the services we provide. Each child, each family, each situation is unique. We adjust our services according to your specific needs in order to meet your goals.

  • Full record review: all records pertaining to your childís education. This typically includes past and present IEPís, 504 plans, evaluations, progress reports, report cards, data sheets, programs, parent/teacher/school communications, etc.
  • Suggest possible educational and/or clinical areas to investigate based on the unique needs of your child;
  • Provide a written review of the current IEP with recommended changes as needed.
  • Draft IEP meeting documents; e.g. agendaís, parent concerns statement, vision statements, summaries, etc.
  • Communicate via meetings, email and/or phone with parents, school staff, outside agency providers, evaluators, consultants, BSEA staff, and attorneys.
  • Attend Team meetings, parent/staff clinics, parent/teacher conferences, parent/home programming staff.
  • Review IEPís, 504ís, and amendments post meeting and write up responses when needed
  • Monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the IEP
  • Observe student in his/her educational setting when needed
  • Schedule, prepare and attend mediations
  • Visit placement options
  • Attend and present outside evaluations to the Team





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