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About Our Advocates:

Stephanie LeBlanc, Director

508-625-2209 ext. 2


Stephanie founded Autism Spectrum Advocacy in 2006 with the charge of providing specialized education advocacy for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. As a parent of a now 23 year old son with Autism, Stephanie learned early about the importance of working with professionals who specialize in her son’s disability. It is with this understanding and experience she began her professional career focusing exclusively to supporting these unique children. ( read more )

Cheryl Temple

508-625-2209 ext. 4


Cheryl works with families to navigate the special education process by focusing on supporting families in working collaboratively with their local school district in order to secure the most appropriate special education services for their children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. ( read more )

Debi Wasilauski, M. Ed.

508-625-2209 ext. 3

As a graduate of University of Florida, Debi’s first teaching job was in Miami at a residential school. From there, she moved to the northeast to complete her Master’s Degree in Education at Boston College. While at B.C, she supervised undergraduate students for their practicums and internships in education. She has held certifications in Elementary Education, Special Education, and Counseling/Guidance. ( read more )

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