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What Is An Education Advocate?

The role of an advocate is to assist parents in obtaining the educational services and programs their children require to make effective progress in school. Most advocates also consider their role to include fostering a positive and collaborative relationship with schools and school districts to the maximum extent possible, while still holding them accountable to the Federal and State laws that are in place to protect your child. Advocates work hard to maintain a professional, respectful, and collaborative meeting atmosphere that encourages the entire team to stay focused on your child’s educational needs. A skilled advocate will be able to answer your questions and simplify the education maze toward a better, more appropriate education for your child.


What Can An Advocate Do For Us?

An Educational Advocate can help you navigate your way through the bureaucracy of the school system. An advocate has a good working knowledge of how a particular school district operates, and understands and stays abreast of the ever-changing laws pertaining to your child's education. The advocate becomes part of your team as you pursue an appropriate education for your child. Parents often find that they are able to communicate more clearly and negotiate more effectively with an advocate by their side.


What are the Benefits of Working with an Advocate who specializes in our Child’s Disability?

While children with Autism share common characteristics-each child is unique with their own strengths and challenges. It is with this understanding that we help our families plan for educational programming that reflects their child’s unique needs and is designed to ensure their child is receiving an appropriate education. School districts must provide special education programs and services that meet all of your child’s educational needs; including academic, social, communication, sensory, behavioral, vocational, daily living skills, and organizational.

School districts must consider the full range of special education services necessary to meet your child’s unique needs resulting from ASD including, if appropriate, intensive services such as ABA, floor time, pragmatics, sensory integration, literacy instruction, etc.

It’s is imperative that a professional advocating for these unique children have a strong understanding of the various therapies, instructions, treatments, and programs available - as well as a strong network of proven professionals including physicians, evaluators, behavioral analysts, therapy providers, and educational consultants, most of whom also focus on working with children on the autism spectrum. Our understanding and experience with Autism both personally as well as professionally will provide you with the most specialized help available.



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